Stitching Rhymes: Knit and Purl

For those of us who may need a bit of help remembering how to do a knit or purl stitch I’ve written couple of rhymes that may help.

For the ‘knit stitch’:

For the purl stitch,

If you are after a step by step guide to creating your first knit and purl stitch using these rhymes please see my ‘Back to Basics: Knit’ or ‘Back to Basics: Purl’ posts.

What rhymes help you remember how to do a purl and knit stitch?

Do the rhymes I’ve come up with work for you?


3 thoughts on “Stitching Rhymes: Knit and Purl

  1. I like your rhymes but I use the japanese style to knit. It seems a little hard for my 11 year old to learn, maybe because his teacher uses your style. What do you advise me?

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