Crochet Stitch Summary Chart

Hopefully my step by step guide to crochet stitches has helped you in your happy hooking journey!

I’ve summarise these stitch techniques into a chart to help as a quick reminder.

16 thoughts on “Crochet Stitch Summary Chart

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  2. Thanks for this chart! It is confusing between the UK and US terminology and it is helpful to have the symbol next to each definition. I mostly knit, so trying to get my head around reading charts and patterns. I will share on my blog too to share your expertise! 😉
    /Christina (a Brit living in Sweden)

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  5. Yay! So delighted that in my search for the just-enough-but-not-too-much conversion chart I was led to a fellow WordPress Blogger. I will link my fellow hookers to you/this page and will be back to look around some more. I am posting my first crochet pattern this week and would love some feedback. Thanks for your awesomeness!!!

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