Lori Rose

A few months ago I had a Facebook message from Angela of Lori Rose who wanted to use my ‘stitch-sharing’ stitch guides in her monthly creations club. I was delighted to have been asked  – especially as I’m keen to help as many people get started on their own crochet journey.

This week I received this complementary copy of a Lori Rose Creations’ Club Kit.

Lori Rose Creation ClubKit

In the pack you get some yarn, instructions (can you see my “Stitchsharer” guide tucked in at the back?!), yarn needle, scissors and a fabulous hook with a hand moulded handle – everything you need to try out your first crochet stitches. The colours in the hook handle are just so beautiful and remind me of the seaside.

Lori Rose Crochet Hook

It’s a real pleasure to be able to help (all be it in a small way) someone’s dreams come true and I wish Angela every success in her venture. Without realising, so many of you have helped me too, by just taking the time to read my blog you have given me the confidence to share and value my crafty creations and I truly thank you.

2 thoughts on “Lori Rose

  1. I always suggest to my friends to look at your site when they are trying to learn how to crochet – your instructions are always so clear and easy to follow.

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