How to make a Backseat cover for a Fiat 500

Fiat 500 back seat cover patchwork

How to make a Yoga Bag

Yoga bag with strap handle

Knicker Making Mayhem

Fancy Pants Knicker Making Kit

Featherweight 222K Sewing Machine

How to Oil a Singer 22K Featherweight Sewing Machine

Featherweight 222K

How to recover a vintage lined fabric lampshade

Finished lampshade with light turned on

How to make a Piped Cushion with Zip

Cushion cover with pad

Friendship Braid Quilt – Part 1

Friendship Braid Quilt – Part 2

Friendship Braid Quilt – Part 3

Finished friendship braid quilt

Free-hand / motion machine embroidery


Understanding Sewing Pattern Symbols

Pattern symbols

A Beginners Guide to Using a Sewing Pattern

Pattern selection

How to Straighten Fabric

Cut along pulled thread

How to adapt your Mini Pinny

Flying Frills Front

How to make a Mini Pinny / Half Apron

Front of Mini Pinny

Beginners Guide to Overlockers / Sergers

My Lock 744D

How to make a French Maid Outfit / Rocky Horror Costume

Magenta' French Maid Costume

How to make a Wonder Woman Cape

How to make a Sock Monkey

How to make a cute dress shaped Peg Bag

How to make Roman blind for Attic / Velux Windows

Welcome patchwork quilt

Be my Valentine Quilt

The No Sew Tutu

Bunny Bunting for Beginners

Bunnies for Bunting

Advent Calendar Kit Review

Christmas Advent Calendar Buttonbag John Lewis

How to make a French Seam

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