Molly’s Backseat – making a backseat cover for my Fiat 500

Molly Fiat 500Molly is my Fiat 500 and I’ve found myself becoming increasingly protective of her insides. My daughters love pootling around in her and to keep the back seats in ‘tip-top’ condition I’ve been making a patchwork backseat cover, (which can also double as a small picnic blanket).

The first step was to work out the size of the fabric panel – that’ll be 11 squares wide! Do you think this way of measuring could catch on?!? I must admit I did cheat a bit on the patchwork as I used 2 x Lily Ashury’s Gypsy Girl ‘charm packs‘. calculating the size of the back seat cover

Once the front panel was assembled fleecy fabric was used for the backing. Safety / quilting pins held the two fabrics together for speedy machine quilting. adding fleece back to patch work panel patchwork blanket quilting car seat cover                                 I was lucky enough to find some ready-made pink gingham binding for the edging.

bias binding on a blanket

With the blanket finished, I popped it back in the car and laid it in place……….

blanket on back seat of Fiat 500

……………felt for the seat belt buckles and very carefully cut away the fabric to reveal them in all their glory! seat belt buckles

A piece of bias binding made the edges all neat and tidy. A little bit of tucking in to keep the blanket / backseat cover firmly in place.bias binding on back seat cover seat belt  buckles

Voila! One finished back seat cover for my Fiat 500. Fiat 500 back seat cover patchwork

I’m still ‘umming and erring’ about making a cover for the top part of the seat. What do you think? At the moment, the top of the front and back seats all match…….it’s only when you peep through the window you get a patchwork surprise. I was thinking it would look odd for the front and backseats to be different?

Maybe I’ll just have to ‘go the whole hog’ and make patchwork covers for all of the seats! That would certainly be a very pretty Molly!


12 thoughts on “Molly’s Backseat – making a backseat cover for my Fiat 500

  1. Ooh I love this! I made some cushions for the back of my fiat 500 so I’m glad to find someone else who sews for their car haha 🙂 I love this idea though x

  2. This is lovely! I haven’t got a car any more but have often thought that if I ever had one one I’d love one of these Fiats. Re your question of whether to do the back as well, I think the answer is – do all the seats and backs – !! – and then people would look through the window and say “Oooh isn’t that pretty!”

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