A Washing Woolly Wonder

This is my washing basket, a plastic woven web of colour.

washing machine

The only problem is that with a full load of washing it tends to topple over.

Sounds like an excellent excuse for a re-purpose! How about this?

yarn basket washing basket

Just the right size for my ‘work-in-progress’ (currently a new blanket). The basket is easy to carry as it’s made from bendy plastic – perfect for taking out and about.

I’ve also discovered a couple of helpful uses for the handles.

Handle uses for yarn baskets

A Yarn Holder – just squidge the yarn ball through the handle. The ball is trapped inside the basket so you can crochet / knit away without it bouncing out.

A Scissor Keeper – simply knot a piece of elastic onto the handles and you’ll never loose those scissors again.

Enough about my basket of yarn loveliness, what have you re-purposed / up-cycled that makes you all smiley inside? Send me your comments, I would love to know.


4 thoughts on “A Washing Woolly Wonder

  1. I cut up my old wax jacket and made it into a bag – I’d like to do more of these sometime. Also as I am not a fan of peg bags, as I prefer to be able to see my pegs easily, I made a very useful peg container out of an old Ecover plastic gallon container, by cutting it so that the top is open and it has a handle. I bound the handle with plastic tape (electrical insulation tape actually) so that the rough edges of the cut plastic were covered.

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