Tried and Tested Knitting Patterns

Although I enjoy the creative side of writing my own patterns, when I’m lost for inspiration there is nothing better than being able to pick up a ready-made one and having a good knit.

This area of my blog is a bit of a virtual ‘knit and natter’ or ‘tried and tested’ to share with you some of the patterns I’ve used.

I would love to hear more about what you’re making and your recommendations – please feel free to use the comment section for this purpose.

Mimi the knitted faux taxidermy bear Sincerely Louise workshop makeSincerely Louise Knitted Faux Taxidermy







My June 2012 charity vintage knitted Tea cozy knit:

Pattern used “Pompom Fancy” by Jean Hubbard, Tea Cozies from The Guild of Master Craftsman Publications book.

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