Knitted Faux Taxidermy Workshop with Sincerely Louise

It’s been a few weeks since Unravel and I’ve finally found time to write a post about my Knitted Faux Taxidermy Bear that I started during Louise Walkers (Sincerely Louise) workshop.

I’ve named by knitted bear Mimi and due to her overly stuffed nature she has gained what I can only describe as a cuddly teddy bear (as opposed to wild bear) appearance.

Mimi the knitted faux taxidermy bear Sincerely Louise workshop makeMini the knitted faux taxidermy bear Sincerely Louise workshop make

This is one of Louise’s – do you see what I mean?

Sincerely Louise workshop bear make

The workshop at Unravel was superb, Louise had such a relaxed style of leading the session. I can still picture her now, chatting as she knitted and wandered around the room with the ball of yarn tucked under her arm. The workshop provided all the materials that were needed, the yarn was so soft and squidgy and being super chunky it knitted up quickly, within an hour my head panel was made.

Bear workshop after first hour

The knitted bear head pattern is very adaptable as it can either be made into a cushion or, with a few stitching alterations, attached to a backing board and hung on the wall.

During the workshop all the techniques that you needed to make a bear were demonstrated, for example, how to sew on the backing board with a round of V shared stitches.

Attaching the backing board

The workshop was great fun and three weeks later I’m still loving the quirky and creative ways of how you can display these knitted works of art. Being able to create something fun that makes someone smile AND laugh definitely does it for me!

Louise walker Sincerely Louise during workshop at Unravel

I sincerely thank you Louise for such a friendly and inspiring experience.

4 thoughts on “Knitted Faux Taxidermy Workshop with Sincerely Louise

  1. What a lovely bear! The wool looks like it is nice to work with, for me knitting with lovely wool feels scrumptious. Sounds like it was a lovely workshop, must put that in my calendar for next year.

  2. I love woolidermy heads and yours is fabulous. The wool looks very squishy and an hour to knit this up is seriously impressive.

    You’ve also reminded me I need to photograph the one I crocheted last year as I never did post it so thanks for this.
    Ps a skinny bear is just wrong….so your cuddly bear is absolutely perfect.

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