Free Knitting Patterns

As part of my blog writing adventure, I have challenged myself to start writing some easy patterns to share. This collection will be growing over the coming months, so please pop back and see what you can find!

Knitted Cupcake

finished knitted cupcake (2)

Knitted Head Warmer

Knitted Head warmer

Knitted Flower

Knitted Mobile Phone Case

Phone case + flower

Knitted Rolled Brim Beanie Hat

With regards to copyright: If you make any items to sell using my patterns, please give the “thestitchsharer” blog credit for the pattern, and where possible provide a link back to the original pattern. Thank you. x

4 thoughts on “Free Knitting Patterns

  1. my knitting has just begun and the knitted rolled brim beanie hat was so easy to make. Such an easier pattern and wonderful instructions. Thanks

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