Mobile Phone Case Tutorial – Free Knitting Pattern for Beginners

If you are after a ‘quick make’, try out this simple mobile phone case pattern.

Phone case + flower

The case is made in garter (knit) stitch from chunky wool on 6.5mm needles.

Start by casting on 11 stitches.

Then just knit your rows – your fabric will grow pretty fast with chunky wool! For a Blackberry sized mobile phone you are aiming for 50 rows.

After 50 rows your knitted fabric will be around 22.5cm or 9 inches long. Use your mobile to check the fabric is long enough to wrap around it.

Cast off your 11 stitches.

Fold your knitted fabric in half, around the 11cm / 4.5 inch point with your best looking sides together to make a pocket shape for your mobile.

Use a blunt ended yarn needle to darn in your yarn ends and sew up each side of the case using a simple running stitch. Turn the pocket inside out.

Voila – your phone case is ready for your mobile. Add on a few buttons or a knitted flower to make it look pretty!


5 thoughts on “Mobile Phone Case Tutorial – Free Knitting Pattern for Beginners

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