First Easy Knits Ideas

If you are looking for your first knitting project and the traditional scarf or dolls’ house rug aren’t doing it for you, why not try out one of these first knits? If its crochet your after, check out my Quick and Easy Crochet First Makes  post.

Knitted Felt Wool Coaster

To make mine, I knitted a felting wool square in stocking stitch – I tried out the “Wash+Filz-it!” yarn as it was in my local shop. You will need to knit the square bigger than you want your final coaster to be as it will shrink by 30-40% in the wash. Once you have made your square, pop it in the washing machine and wash and dry as instructed on the wool label. The wash cycle (I used a 40 degree programme) encourages the yarn to mat together so you get a felt effect. You can then cut your knitted fabric into your chosen shape and the edges shouldn’t fray.

Or how about a knitted mobile phone case with its knitted flower? Check out my tutorial / guide if you fancy having a go.

Another idea to try is a knitted clutch bag – as soon as my daughter learnt to knit she made this one from a garter stitched knitted rectangle 38cm (15 inches) x 23cm (9 inches). A colourful button can sewn on and carefully pushed through the knitted fabric as a fastener.

Or how about a knitted pet?

This was made from two rainbow yarn garter stitch squares sewn together and stuffed with some toy filling to make a small pillow. The features were added with felt, wool and buttons.

What was your ‘first knit’? Do you have any ideas to share?


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