The Making of my ‘Attic 24 Ripple’ Blanket

I have long admired the waves of Lucy’s Attic 24 Neat Ripple blanket and how the colours calmly snuggle together to make you feel all cosy. My Attic 24 Ripple Blanket Until recently I have avoided making this beautiful blanket for fear of hooking those little stitches in the wrong places and ending up with more or a wobble than a wave. Well, worry not my Stitch Sharer friends- after the first few rows of keeping the pattern closely at your side, you somehow  begin to “feel” the design and find yourself able to increase and decrease in all the right places without a thought. Here’s my blanket back in October with its 38 rows of up and down ness. Attic 24 Ripple blanket in October 71 rows (and a border!) later, my very own version of Lucy’s Attic 24 Neat Ripple Blanket is finished and big enough for a single bed. Finished Attic 24 ripple blanket For the border, I worked a couple of rows of UK treble stitches and finished with a picot edge. My Attic 24 ripple blanket border I’m really pleased with the blankets ‘snuggle-factor’ and although mine is worked in the same Stylecraft DK yarn as Lucy’s Attic 24 Granny Stripe, due to the closeness of the stitches, the blanket feels even warmer that the Attic 24 Granny Stripe I Attic 24 Ripple and Granny stripe  BlanketTwo soft and squidgy blankets of loveliness to take you through the year. One perfect ‘Neat Ripple’ blanket for those autumn / winter months and another, ‘Granny Stripe’ for wrapping around your shoulders as you catch the last few rays of the evenings spring / summer sun.


20 thoughts on “The Making of my ‘Attic 24 Ripple’ Blanket

  1. Your Ripple is beautiful. I am wanting to make one for a queen sized bed, but not sure how many chains to make. I am going to be making it out of Hobby Lobby I love this yarn would you happen to know how many skiens it would take?

    • That sounds beautiful. Unfortunately I don’t know how much yarn you will need, It will depends on how much is on each skein, thickness and tension. Send me a photo when you have finished, would love to see. X

  2. I am trying to make the neat ripple blanket I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong I can get the valley ” decrease ” but not the mountain ” the increase ” can someone please help me !! I want to make this for my grandson, in the carolina panthers colors blue , grey , black , white. that is his best football team

    • Hi Doris, have you checked out Attic 24’s website? There are lots of clear photos there. To get the mountain peak you have to work 2 UK trebles into the same stitch (and repeat again) before you work the 4 single trebles.

  3. Gorgeous blanket – lovely when you become a one with a piece you’re a little apprehensive about working on 🙂

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