Anyone for crochet? The treble (UK) or double (US) stitch

If you are like me and like your work to grow fast, you are going to love this stitch. It is quite soft and has a more open pattern so it’s great for clothes and accessories.

1. Once you have made your foundation chain, wrap your yarn around your hook.

2. Insert through the 4th chain from the hook.

3. Wrap your yarn around the hook.

4. Draw the yarn through the chain, giving you 3 loops on your hook.

5. Wrap your yarn around your hook again.

6. Draw the yarn through 2 loops, there should be 2 further loops left on your hook.

7. Wrap the yarn around your hook for a final time.

8. Draw the yarn through the last 2 loops to give you 1 remaining loop on your hook. Your stitch is made!

9. To finish the row, repeat the steps above to make one stitch in each chain.

10. At the end of the row, turn your work and make 3 chain stitches for your turning chain.

11. To begin your next row, wrap your yarn around your hook and insert it into the 2nd stitch (under both top loops) and carry on the sequence above.


17 thoughts on “Anyone for crochet? The treble (UK) or double (US) stitch

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  2. I have been trying to learn how to make these for about a year! I’ve watched many a video but have had no luck until now, my first attempt isn’t perfect but it’s the closest to a square Ive had so far, so thank you for achieving what no one else has been able to do 😀

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