How to Crochet a Granny Dollie Rug using Hooplayarn – without a pattern

Finished Hooplayarn Grannt Dolly Rag RugSince making my Zpagetti yarn bag I have had plans to make a crocheted Granny Dollie Rug. I’m always keen to try out new yarns, so was delighted to come across Hooplayarn for my latest ‘StitchShare’ project.

My rug is mainly made up of UK treble (US double) and chain crochet  stitches. A key aim of the project is to create a circle that will lay flat on the ground, each time I finished a round I threw her (she is called Daisy!) on the floor and had a good look at her edge. If the rug was lying flat that was perfect. If the edge of the rug was curving down / under, then it meant I needed to increase my stitches on the next round. If the rug edges curved up or became wavy, it was a sign I had too many stitches.

Do you want to see her story?

Daisy started her life as a 4 stitch foundation chain, slip stitched in a ring.

HooplayarnChain stitches

Join into ring
Following her 8 petal centre beginnings…

Round 1

I worked 2 UK trebles (US doubles) into the space between each ‘petal’, separating each set with 2 chain stitches.

Round 2

On the next round (and on those rounds when you need to increase the circles circumference quickly) work 2 UK trebles, 1 chain and 2 more UK trebles into each chain space  – you should be able to make this out in round 3 in the photo below. On the following round (the round I have just started in the photo below) work 3 UK trebles into each chain space of the previous round.

Working round 4

If you only need a little bit of an increase (less than that created above) try working:

  • a single chain between each trio of trebles
  • 2 chains between each trio of trebles

If your rug is curling up at the edge, your outside edge is getting too big – try correcting it by missing out some of your chain stitches or working only 2 UK trebles into each chain space.

As this is freeform crochet, there is no pattern, it’s a bit of a trial and error process – the aim is to keep your rug as flat as possible! Don’t be afraid to unpick a round and try a different treble crochet pattern if your edges gets to wavy or curvy.

This is Daisy after 13 rounds (and 3 cones of Hooplayarn)….

13 rounds

and after a 4th cone and 16 rounds Daisy was finished!

Her diameter is 94cm (37 inches).

16 rounds

Once you have finished your rug, give it a few final tugs to pull it into shape. Voila! One Hooplayarn Granny Dollie Rug and one happy cat!

Finished Hooplayarn Grannt Dolly Rag Rug

If you are wondering how Hooplayarn and Zpagetti yarns compare pop back to my blog soon!


28 thoughts on “How to Crochet a Granny Dollie Rug using Hooplayarn – without a pattern

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    • Thank you so much for the think. Totally agree her blog (and yours) are fab and so interesting to read. I’m always amazing and feel a lovely happy warmth when i think about how much people care and share in the blogging world.

  5. Your rug is very lovely, it makes me itch to start one but I’ll have to add it to my list. Your instructions are excellent, so thanks for going to all the trouble. This is very crochet blog-worthy!!! 🙂

  6. So cute! My attempts at crochet have so far ended in frustration and more holes than fabric, but maybe after reading this I will give it another go. Thanks for the inspiration!

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