Anyone for crochet? The Slip Stitch

The Slip Stitch is the shortest crochet stitch and is used to join in new yarn, turn chain stitches into foundation rings and for moving ‘invisibly’ across your piece of work to get your yarn to where you want it.

It’s pretty similar to the chain stitch so you should have it mastered in no time!

1. Once you have made your foundation chain, pop your hook through the second chain from the hook.

2. Wrap your yarn around the hook.

3. Next, draw a loop of yarn through your chain stitch and the loop on your hook – your first slip stitch is made! It helps if you keep your work steady by holding the base of your chain between your thumb and fingers.

4. Repeat this process by inserting your hook into the next stitch on your foundation chain. Try and keep your stitches quite loose so your work doesn’t bunch. Here’s that sequence again to help.

 Continue until you reach the end of your row.

If you wanted a second row of slip stitches, you would need to make what’s called a ‘turning chain’ which brings your hook up to the right height to start your new row. For the short slip stitch, you only need a 1 stitch turning chain.


9 thoughts on “Anyone for crochet? The Slip Stitch

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