Anyone for crochet? The Double (UK) or Single (US) Stitch

As you will of probably guessed from the title, in the UK we call this a double stitch (abbreviation = dc) and our US friends call it a single stitch (abbreviation = sc). This stitch makes a firm, dense fabric which is why it’s good for making toys and containers.

1. Insert your hook through the second chain of your foundation chain.

2. Wrap your yarn around the hook.

3. Draw the yarn through the chain stitch to make a loop – you should have 2 loops on your hook.

4. Wrap your yarn around the hook again.

5. Drawn the yarn back through both loops on your hook – you should have one loop left on your hook. Your stitch is made!

6. To finish your row, follow the steps above to make one UK double (or US single) stitch into each chain of the foundation row.

7. Before you start the next row, turn your work, make a turning chain of one (hopefully you can see this in the next picture) and then pop your hook through the top of the first stitch on the row below to carry on stitching!

If you are after a ridged surface on your fabric, insert your hook only through the back loops of the top edge of your previous row. If you are after a flat surface, insert the hook through both loops. When I crochet, I normally go through both loops.

8. Another row completed! How does yours look?


13 thoughts on “Anyone for crochet? The Double (UK) or Single (US) Stitch

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