Christmas Crochet Wreath – quick and easy

Crochet Balls sewn in place on christmas wreathHello my lovelies, if you are regular follower of Lucy’s work over at Attic 24, you may of recently seen her beautiful autumn wreath.

With last years Christmas wreath now clad with flowers and framing the kitchen clock, my intention was to create a Lucy’s special to accompany the  snowflake crochet chandelier.

Alas, with time running out and a quilt yet to finish I have made a quick and easy Christmas crochet wreath alternative.

Each UK double crochet (US single) crochet stitched ball only takes around 20 minutes so the crochet ball wreath is fast to make.

Christmas Crochet Ball

The crochet ball pattern can be found over at Kate’s Greedy for Colour blog – the photos below are a step by step photo guide to assist you! Keep one yarn tail long on each ball as you will need it to sew them onto your frame.

Round 2round 3Round 4Round 5Add in stitch markerRound 6 - 10Round 11round 12Stuff the crochet ballRound 13 and 14 to finishChristmas Crochet BallStack of Christmas Crochet Balls

To keep the crochet balls in place a wire florist wreath frame covered in a crochet circle really helps.

Wire Crochet wreath frame

Here’s the front with its crochet cover:

Crochet covered wire wreath frame

And back:

Crochet Covered wire wreath frame back

Once all your crochet balls are made (I needed 12 for my wreath).

Stack of Christmas Crochet Balls

Lay them out into a design you like.

Arranging your crochet balls

Stitch into place on your covered crochet wreath base. Sit back and enjoy!

Crochet Balls sewn in place on christmas wreath

You could even pop a Christmas decoration (like Santa Claus in his gold moon boots!) into the middle for a bit of extra festive fun!

Father Christmas in place


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