The 3 R’s of Vintage – Rescue, Revive and Relove!

I’m currently celebrating the 3 R’s of Vintage – Rescue, Revive and Relove.

My first 3 R celebration is my finished Entrelac jumper (you may remember it from an October’s Entrelac Knitting post)!

Finished Entrelac Jumper Shirley Sidar

The jumper was lying half-finished in the bottom of a wool bin at my local charity shop when I found it. Rather than unpicking someone’s hard-worked stitches I took on the challenge of completing the knit.

Close up Entrelac knitting

I love this jumper for several reasons;

1 – I love it because it reminds be of an old traditional party game (I think it was called Misfits) as one person started knitting the jumper and like the game, I had the honour of knitting the next (and final!) section.

2 – I love the coloured diamond effect the variegated Sidar yarn creates.

3 – I love that knitting the jumper has helped my confidence in knitting patterns grow.

My second  ‘rescue, revive and relove’ celebration is this oak sideboard.

chairty shop find oak sideboard

Again sourced from a charity shop. A bit of sanding, Danish oil and TLC later…..

Oak Sideboard
Just perfect for organising all things stitching!

Sideboard drawer

Do you have any 3 R vintage finds you want to share? Send me your comments so we can all celebrate with you!


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