Countdown to Christmas: Advent Calendar Review

I’m so excited – my first review! I have just received this fabulous Buttonbag Christmas Advent Calendar from John Lewis  – I can’t wait to show you what’s inside.Christmas Advent Calendar

Buttonbag’s make-your-own Christmas Advent Calendar kit is great for beginners as it contains everything you need and can easily be made in a few hours. You don’t need a sewing machine either – which is a pretty handy thing as I’m without electricity as my circuit breaker is being repaired!

In the kit are:

24 pre-cut felt pockets in 6 vibrant colours;

Felt Squares for Pockets

A cotton panel (48cm x 80cm  – about the size of a tea-towel) pre-printed with pocket positions and a cheerful ric rac style border;

Calendar back

4 self adhesive sheets of felt, a green piece of cotton tape, embroidery threads, needles and cotton (in the packet) and some easy-to-follow instructions with number and letter templates.

What's in the box (2)

To help get the festive feeling off to an early start, my daughters and I have spent the afternoon busily constructing the calendar.

First the pre-cut pockets were arranged onto the cotton panel.

Arrange felt squares

The templates inside the instructions were used to cut the numbers from the self adhesive felt.

Family activity cutting out numbers

Cutting the numbers


As you will see the girls opted to keep the numbers in order so they won’t have to look too hard in the morning to find their advent treats!

Arrange numbers

With all the numbers cut some of the spare felt was used to make some cute Christmas motifs for extra decoration. As well as number and letters the kit contains a star, candy cane, Christmas tree and bell paper template.

Extra detail

Add extra details using spare felt

The letters and motifs stick easily in place once the self adhesive felt backing is removed.

Remove the backing

To keep the pockets nice and straight when sewing it helps to pin them into place.

Sewing each pocket on

The last touch was to add a name or Christmas message to the top of the calendar panel and make two cotton tape loops so you can hang the Advent Calendar up.

Add a name

Voila! One finished Christmas Advent Calendar all ready to have each pocket filled!

Christmas Advent Calendar Buttonbag John Lewis


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