Quick and Easy Crochet Snowflake Patterns – tried and tested

With the festive time upon us I’ve spent the last week making some Christmas Crochet Snowflakes. This is going to be a tried and tested post as I wanted to try out a variety of different patterns. I have taken these photos before the snowflakes are ‘blocked’ into their final shape so you can see how they turn out.

The Snowflake Collection

My first snowflake was made using Lucy’s Attic 24 snowflake pattern.

Attic 24 snow flake

It was the quickest crochet snowflake pattern I tried to make and I love the pointed ends created by the chain stitches. As always, Lucy gives you really clear instructions and a wonderful photo guide. It’s also a great pattern to use as the basis for your own design: you could make the ends even pointer by additional chains, work UK treble (US double) stitches in your first round rather than UK double (US single) to give you a more open centre.

My second snowflake is from the about.com website and is designed by Amy Solovay.

about com Amy Solovay snowflake

This is a beautiful pattern and the snowflake I am most proud of because of the lace effect its creates. It’s not too difficult to make either as it only uses chain, UK double (US single), UK treble (US double) and slip stitch.

Another free crochet pattern can be found on the Redheart website, it was written by Mary Jane Protus and was designed to be used as a crochet snowflake garland. The snowflake is ideal for this and great for hanging as it gives you a stable structure that doesn’t flop about.

Snowflake from Red heart

Not be forgotten is the snowflake based on  the Granny Square. The pattern I used is by The Royal Sisters and is called Grandma Twinkle. This is pretty fast to make and the tutorial has lots of photos so is easy to follow.

Granny Square Star

If you are on the look out for free crochet patterns, it’s always good to have a quick check in any books that you may have lying around – I found 2 lovely patterns which I’d forgotten about.

The first is in a book that is easily available in the UK – its called 201 Crochet motifs, blocks, projects and ideas by Melody Griffiths. It’s the biggest snowflake I made and measures 17cm from point to point. If it was stiffened well it could make a great Christmas tree topper.

201 crochet motifs blocks projects and ideas by Melody GriffithsCrochet Snowflake 201 crochet motifs blocks and projects to make

The second “Snowflake Star” pattern is from a 1970s vintage craft book (found at a car boot sale) called The Complete Book of Handicrafts which was edited by Jill Blake and Joan Fisher and produces such a pretty snowflake that you could also use the pattern for a flower.

The Complete Book of Handicrafts edited by Jill Blake and Joan Fisher - vintageSnowflake star The Complete Book of Handicrafts

I would love to hear about your favorite crochet snowflake patterns and how you like to use them. Please send me a comment with your recommendations.

Just incase you’re wondering – this is what I’ve done with mine!

Snowflake mobile (2)Snowflake mobile


27 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Crochet Snowflake Patterns – tried and tested

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  3. Help, I am a beginner at crochet, have mastered granny square and a few flowers. Thought I would try snowflakes. Looked on the web and found many complicated ones that I just did not understand. Was relieved to find Lucy’s and was rewarded with a snowflake. I then decided to try Amy solovay, I got to round 3 and am now lost, just not sure where to go now. Is there any chance of a photo tutorial of where to go now. Just not sure where to put my hook. Thanks for the inspiration, hopefully will manage to create more than one snowflake.

    • Hello there, Great to hear you have learnt to crochet, it’s such a lovely thing. I am more than happy to write a photo tutorial of the snowflake pattern if Amy agrees as it’s her pattern. I have emailed her to ask. Fingers crossed she says yes. X

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  6. Mmm I might have to make a snowflake faux-chandelier out of one of the light fittings. Love those last two photos. Shame my ceilings are so low 😦
    and thanks for visiting – did you check out all the snowflakes in the December posts?
    My favourite this year was one of the many free on Snowcatcher’s blog. You might want to check Deb out. She tries to post a free snowflake every Monday. and you might like to try one off my old blog:

  7. I LOVE it! Every year…I say I am going to crochet some snowflakes to use for Christmas decor’. Well…another year has come and gone. Your lovely and creative idea has inspired me. Maybe…I’ll just make them now and use them for winter decor’! Why not, right? They are so cotton crochet’in cute!

  8. What a great post! It’s such a co-incidence: I’ve been making “Lucy” snowflakes all day! I love the idea of using trebles in the first round. I’ve been meaning to road-test some different snowflake patterns (even though it’s summer here, so not really relevant!), now I feel like you’ve done the work for me!
    Thanks also for visiting my blog 😀

  9. You might like to have a go at my snowflake patterns they are supposed to be fairly easy. You can find the patterns on my blog under ‘My Patterns – crochet’ in the top menu or see the posts that include them if you choose ‘snowflakes’ from the Tag cloud in the right column.
    If you decide they are not easy at all I would love to know.
    I think yours look lovely hanging from the chandelier. I could maybe try something like that next year. I just love snowflakes.

    • Thank you for telling me about your snowflake patterns, I can’t wait to try them. I love your angel and gorgeous christmas wreath too, such a good idea using the pipe insulation. Thank you for sharing. X

  10. They look fabulous! We have an old candle holder/light that we picked up from an old junk shop years ago – if I get time I will try to make a few stars and hang them. Thank you for the inspiring picture. Busy at the moment crocheting for Unravel – hope you will be able to get to Farnham in Feb – a festival not to be missed! Cheers KnitNell

  11. I have the Melody Griffiths book and I love it. All of your snowflakes are beautiful! Instead of stiffening them I have been crocheting them with crochet thread into some large cheap bangle bracelets.

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