Will you get hooked on Zpagetti? Crochet Zpagetti Yarn Bag- tried and tested

Has anyone had a go with the Zpagetti yarn yet? I found it in my local yarn store for £9.99 for 120m (approx 850g) and it is made from fashion industry left over material. As it’s designed for jumbo crochet, you will need quite a big hook, mine was 12mm, and before you know you’ll have made yourself a gorgeous creation in no time.

Hoooked Zpagetti

With my friend’s Birthday on the horizon, a crochet handbag it had to be.The pattern I used was downloaded for free (the Milano design) from the Australian Zpagetti website and is great for beginners as it only uses a slip knotslip stitch, chain stitch and UK double (US single).

The yarn is pretty stretchy as its formed from an elastic and cotton combination (just like a T-shirt). The photos below show how easily a 10cm piece can be stretched to 17cm.

10cm Zpagetti unstretchedZpagetti stretched

The main body of the bag is formed from a crocheted rectangle. The yarn is easy to work with – as its pretty tough you can easily pull / stretch it up to get your hook through.

Stretching yarn

This is my bag after just eight rows of UK double (US single) crochet.

8 rows, 32 stitches

As I wanted my bag to have a ribbed effect I worked each stitch into the back loops – if you are after a ‘flatter’ look, crochet through both loops.

Creating raised pattern

Once my rectangle measured 22cm high by 52cm wide, it was folded in half so that the fold became the bottom of my bag. The sides were joined together with a slip stitch. Your crochet rib rows form this lovely vertical pattern.


The top of bag was shaped using a couple of rounds of crochet.

Crochet top of bag

As I didn’t want my friend to lose any of her special baggie things, I made a simple rectangle bag lining the same shape as the handbag and tacked it inside.

Crochet bag and lining

Although you can buy some fantastic ready-made bag handles, they can be pretty expensive so I found a pair of plastic rings (99p for the pair) and made my own by slip stitching around them.

Bag handlesCrocheting bag handles

What do you think?

Crochet Handles

One flower later (again the pattern can be found on the Zpagetti website)…

Crochet flower (2)

…..and Voila!….my friends Birthday handbag was finished!

inside finised bag

Finished bag

I’m pretty pleased with the way the bag turned out, so much so I’m thinking of making a crochet rug next. I’ve also come across a similar yarn called Hooplayarn which I’m keen to try. Has anyone tried this out? How does it compare to Zpagetti?


35 thoughts on “Will you get hooked on Zpagetti? Crochet Zpagetti Yarn Bag- tried and tested

  1. Has anyone tried ‘interlocking crochet’? I have just discovered it. Took me a week of trying to get the hang of it. When I did I was thrilled. Have made a100%cotton evening bag in black and cerise, it is totally reversible. Also almost completed a tote bag in purple and cream, just need to keep trying different lengths and widths of crochet handles that suit.

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  4. Hi, lovely bag. I have made several bags for me and my daughters, different designs, it’s great fun to use. I also made some bowls from the remaining yarn. I used Hoopla which I think is the same thing. Great selection of colours. I’m thinking of joining a bunch of ladies who do craft fairs and will probably use this yarn for some of my projects. Have fun.

    • I bet your bags are fabulous. I have just brought some hoopla yarn too! Going to get my big hook out tonight and start a Granny Circle rug! Will pop some photos on my blog when it’s finished. X

  5. I really Believe that blog, “Will you get hooked on Zpagetti?
    Crochet Zpagetti Yarn Bag- tried and tested | thestitchsharer” ended up being spot on!
    Icould not see eye to eye with u more! At last looks like Iuncovered a blog site definitely
    worth reading. Thanks for your time, Vera

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  7. Aha! I’ve also seen this in one of my locals and thought it looked a bit pricey and labour-intensive (huge needles etc) but I’m a fan of the chunky bag look and attempted something similar once. You’ve converted me I think…

    • I think the fibre is made from the selvedges of the fabric that is used to make things like T-shirts. The spindle I had was all in one long strip and only had 1 or 2 joins in it from what I could see.

  8. I’ve not heard of that yarn but it certainly looks interesting! I imagine it would be fun it make something with it The bag for your friend has turned out rather nice, and the flower sets it off.
    Cheers, Anita.

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