Anyone for crochet? The chain stitch.

The chain stitch (abbreviation = ch) is used to create the base or foundation of your work. Once you have chained your stitches you can use them as they are to crochet in rows or join them with a slip stitch into a foundation ring to crochet in a circle. You need to work this loosely enough so that your hook can enter each chain easily.

1.The first thing you will need on your hook is a slip knot.

2. Next, wrap your yarn around your hook (abbreviation  = yrh). I tend to do this by moving my hook under, behind and over the yarn.

3. Draw the yarn through the slip knot to make a loop. It helps if you hold the tail end of your yarn near the slip knot with your fingers at this point!.

4. You have now made your first chain.

5. Repeat this progress, by wrapping your yarn around the hook and drawing this loop through the centre of each new stitch you have just made. The front of your chain looks like a series of Vs, the back has raised bumps running through it.

6. Carry on until you have the number of stitches you need. To find out how many stitches you have, count back from your hook. The loop that is still on the hook and your slip knot don’t count! Just to help  – the needle in the photo below is pointing to the first stitch you would count.


20 thoughts on “Anyone for crochet? The chain stitch.

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