Daisy Crochet Bunting – Free Pattern

Large Daisy UK Treble

Crochet Daisy

With the music festival season in full swing – it’s time to spread some crochet love! These Daisies are really easy to make – the hardest thing is working out what to do with all your flowers. Will it be some bunting, a bookmark, door curtain or retro belt and headband?

My daisies are made with Aran weight cotton on a size 4mm hook.

Cotton Yarn Aran weight 4 mm hook

Ready for the pattern?

In yellow yarn, make a slip knot and then chain 4.

Chain 4

Join your chain into a ring by slip stitching into the 4th chain from the hook. Chain 3.

Close ring chain 3

Now, work 11 UK Treble (US Double) Crochet stitches into the centre of the ring. Slip stitch into the 3rd chain of your original 3 chain to close the circle. Fasten off your yarn.

Slip stitch into 3rd chain of 3 chain to form ring

Join your white yarn into one of the chain spaces (gaps) between your UK Treble (US Double) stitches. Work 12 chain stitches.

Chain 12

Apologies for the shine on some of the pictures – I took the photos on a train and the table had a bit of a gleam! Nothing like a bit of crochet on the go!

Anyway, back to the pattern!

Make your first petal by working a UK Double crochet  (US Single) into the chain space where your petal chain started.

Slip Stitch into same chain space to form petal

Slip stitch into the next chain space then chain another 12 stitches.

slip stitch into same chain space, chain 12

Work a UK double (US single) crochet stitch back into the same chain space to form your next petal, then slip stitch into the next chain space and work another 12 chains.

Slip stitch into space to form 2nd petal slip stitch chain 12

Carry on like this until you have 12 petals.

Large Daisy Uk Treble (2)

Finish off the round by working a slip stitch back into your first petal position. Fasten off your yarn and work in the loose ends.

Large Daisy UK Treble

Once you have made enough delightful daisies for your needs, ‘block them’ into shape. I blocked mine by pining the petals into position on my ironing board and hovering a steam iron about an inch above.

Blocking DaisiesBlocked Daisies

The last step is to join your daisies together using a chain of green yarn looped through a petal on each flower.

Green Chain


Daisy Crochet Bunting

If you prefer smaller daisies, like the one on the left in the photo below, you could always work a yellow ring of UK doubles (rather than UK trebles) and form shorter petals by making a smaller number of chain stitches (8 rather than 12).

Large UK Treble and Smaller Uk Double Daisy

Otherwise, just use a thinner weight yarn and smaller hook!

Daisy Garland



31 thoughts on “Daisy Crochet Bunting – Free Pattern

  1. Hi, i am a big fan of family run festals, and i love this idea of the dausy bunting, our campervan is also called daisy, is it possable to purchase some bunting from yourself for our camper…many thanks.

    • Hi Paula,
      Thanks for your lovely message, I’m glad you like it. Your campervan sounds beautiful. At the moment I’m not set up to sell my makes as its only a hobby. If anything changes I’ll let you know.

  2. Should there be 11 or 12 petals when complete? I’m a little confused since there are really only 11 spaces, but some pictures show 11, some 12 completed petals on the flowers. Sorry if this is a silly question, I am new to crocheting.

    • Most of my daisies have 12 petals so I guess that’s the aim. I do think crochet should be fun, so if you get 11 because a stitch is missed I won’t worry too much, they will still be beautiful. X

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  4. Simply adorable! If I didn’t have such a standard modern red brick house (and a partner who simply couldn’t cope with crochet bunting strung across our windows) I would do exactly the same! – However, he is away during the week 😉

  5. oh, these are beautiful – makes me wish I was good at crocheting! as soon as I find my crochet thingies (are they called needles or hooks??) I want to try this. It’s been YEARS and YEARS since I’ve tried to crochet.

  6. How pretty 🙂 I’ve made these daisies before, but never thought of making bunting with them. It looks gorgeous 🙂

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