Two Proms and The Passion Flower

Hello my lovely readers! As I type this post, I realise I have been away for far too long. Life has been pretty crazy and alas there has been little time for stitching. My eldest daughter has finished her exams and celebrated with an amazing Prom, and my youngest has learnt to sail.

PromLearning to sail

The sun has began to shine, Geraniums are in full bloom and I have grown some Cucumbers plants for the first time.


The local council has finally opened our Prom to cyclists  – its been such a treat to jump on my bike after work and take in the view.

 Cycling on the Prom!Cycle view


And as if by magic, on the day I finally get to say hello to you all again, the Passion Flower I made my crochet flowers for has finally flowered!

Passion Flower


25 thoughts on “Two Proms and The Passion Flower

  1. Hi I popped over to your blog the other day as I thought you must have Posted something recently and it had managed to slip past me – welcome back after your short break, you see you are missed. I thought you were going to say that you had made the prom dress….. It looks fabulous as does you daughter. I am ‘busy’ drawing the Geraniums in our garden as they look so happy in the sun; long may it continue.

  2. Love Passion flowers, great photos. We live in Cornwall and we to are blesses with such a sight in the morning. I’m sure you could come up with a croched Passion flower ?
    Cheers from
    Sharon in sunny hot Cornwall

    • Thank your for your lovely comments. Cornwall is a fab place to live, I love visiting all the beautiful amazing handmade shops whenever I get down. I’ll get thinking about that Passion flower pattern!

      • Yes I am, I find it much easier to “understand” than knitting. Wondering if people are either into knitting or crochet, a bit like either yoga or pilates! Just wish it would grow more quickly but I think I am missing the point – it’s the creating rather than the finishing that is important!

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