Crochet Cravings – Attic 24 and Lulu Loves

Despite recently harping on about all things sewing related, I would just like to reassure my lovely readers that crochet and knitting is not forgotten. In fact, there is nothing better than being able to grab my yarn and hook in the evening and carry on with this snuggly baby blanket I have been making. It’s a bit of a combination of Lucy’s Attic 24 Granny Stripe and a Granny Square and I love how it will be able to grow and get bigger along with its cute owner. I’ve promised my friend that when it’s “finished” to Moses basket / crib / pram size I’ll give it to her to use (the baby isn’t due until September) but then every couple of months she will need to give it back to me so I can add-on some more rounds. The idea is that the Moses basket blanket can become a cot and then eventually full size bed blanket. A bit of an heirloom make!

Granny Square Blanket

Whilst on the topic of Attic 24, have you seen Lucy’s call to make Granny Triangles for Bunting for Yarndale? Lucy has one of her fabulous photo tutorials all typed up and is asking us all to get making and posting by the end of July 2013. I’ve joined the team and have made my first two.

Steam Blocking Granny Triangles to 7 inches

Steam Blocking Granny Triangles to 7 inches

Pinned Granny Squares for Blocking

I’m totally loving this project as it was through Lucy’s Attic 24 blog that I learnt to crochet and it feels so good to be able to give something back as a sign of appreciation. It will be amazing to see photos of the bunting and try to spot my little triangles amongst the thousands that will be there!

Steam blocked Attic 24 trianglesBlock Pressed Crochet Bunting Triangles Attic 24

Another excellent tutorial I’ve come across recently is for this crochet collar found on Lulu loves site.

Lulu Love Crochet Collar FrontLulu Loves Crochet Collar Back

The collar pattern was great to make and can easily be adapted to make different sizes, works up really fast, and more importantly is so pretty. What more could you ask for?

Lulu Loves Crochet Collar side

As well as sharing with you a few of my recent makes, I wanted to use this entry to ask for your help in reviewing my blog and the work that I have been sharing with you. If you have had the chance to look at my posts, I have fluttered between different crochet, sewing and knitting projects as well as told you a little about the things that make me tick. It has been a real pleasure sharing these things with you and I would love to know what you like reading about. Should variety continue to be my blogs “spice of life”, or do readers prefer a more focused approach, where I stick to one topic, (if so what and which aspect)?  I’m also toying with the idea of redesigning my blog and would love to hear your ideas and suggestions on how to make it work better for you! Thanks as always for your help in spreading the stitch sharing love – every comment you send me is very much read and appreciated. x


26 thoughts on “Crochet Cravings – Attic 24 and Lulu Loves

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  2. Just found your blog so I cannot reaaly comment on any changes as I’ve yet to have a good look around, but I do think that the blanket that grows with the child is such a wonderful idea that I might just do that too, if and when I get a Grandchild 🙂

  3. Hi – I love the granny bunting (having already done a string for myself) and the collar, and I like the idea of the blanket that grows with the child. With regards changing your blog or keeping it as it is, I have to say that I like the variety you offer. I am not particularly interested in patchwork however I do enjoy the odd post about it as who knows one day the bug might bite! I am mostly interested in sewing, crochet, knitting and dressmaking so am very happy for Posts on all these subjects and also I think that your tutorials for beginners of knitting and crocheting are excellent and although I might not use them all myself I often recommend them to people I know who are starting out. I liked your Posts talking about dressmaking patterns as you don’t often see that and ideas for fancy dress. It is so very difficult to get blog content right for your audience and so the only solution is to write the Posts that interest yourself and you enjoy writing – that way your enthusiasm shines through. A well written thoughtful blog on any subject is going to be good to read! Cheers

  4. I think that many of us work in many crafts. It’s rare that someone works in only one. So continue in variety. Personally I love to work at my machine when I have the house to myself but work on my crochet or hand finishing work when with my family around the tv. Restricting yourself to one craft may make it less pleasurable.

  5. Gorgeous colours in your crochet rug. I love the idea of it growing in size with the baby. I just adore Lucy at Attis 24 too. She has a way of making anything she makes so beautiful. It is great that you are making her bunting triangles. Think I will have a go to. I like a blog like Lucy’s with updates on your crafts and new projects. Photos of your life and where you live. Anything else that might be interesting in everyday life. I enjoy reading your blog. 🙂

  6. I too enjoy both crochet and sewing and a little knitting. But I agree there’s something totally relaxing and special about those evenings of crochet, when the rest of the house is quiet…have been doing a lot of this lately, snuggled with a blankie, especially now that winter is upon us in my part of the world. I LOVE the idea of a growing granny blanket, too! What a wonderful gesture for a friend. I also adore the granny triangles and will have to give these a go. And that collar is gorgeous!
    P.S. I tend to prefer a bit of variety in the blog posts. 🙂

  7. I think it’s great that you do a bit of everything and love hearing about what you are making and why. I think the most interesting blogs manage to combine something specific (like knitting, sewing, etc) and personal insights. And I love the idea of adding to your friend’s baby blanket.

  8. I haven’t read enough posts to comment help with your Market research but I too have felt totally inspired by Attic 24 and Lulu Loves! Excited to read more of your posts. X

  9. I love your blanket idea, to let it grow with the baby, never thought of that 🙂
    I think a blog should be about what You want to talk about, this is your own little space in blogosphere, enjoy!!!!

  10. Love your blanket! I just made much the same thing for a client, in mint & peach with cream. Turning out well, but I had to reduce the number of DC’s, since the yarn she chose wasn’t working up as lacy as the sample she wanted to purchase. Fun project, easy to pick up, nothing to read……….Looks different each time i make it!

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