Knicker Making Mayhem

KnickersToday’s post is all about having some fun – if you have ever wanted to make some Knickers read on!

As a knicker-making virgin I’ve opted for a kit. Although I’m using Flo-Jo’s Fancy Pants Knicker Making Kit there are also several others which are worth checking out such as those by Trixie Lixie.

In the kit are some instructions, knicker elastic, a “fat quarter” of fabric, some cotton jersey fabric for the gusset and a knicker-making kit label – perfect for a first make.

Fancy Pants Knicker Making Kit

What I wasn’t expecting was how big the knicker pattern pieces were – I must admit I had a bit of a “is my bum really that big” moment!

The pattern pieces are laid on the bias as there is more stretch to the fabric.

Pattern pieces on the bias

The gusset is cut from some stretchy jersey  / T-shirt type fabric.

Pattern pieces cut out

When it came to stitching the gusset I deviated from the instructions a little. I placed the gusset on top of the knicker back (rather than front) so the raw edge was enclosed in the main seam.

Gusset laid on top of knicker back

It went something like this. Can you see the three fabric layers?

The gusset is flipped over…

Gusset folded over…and stitched in place along the sides.

Gusset in place

Does anyone know why you leave one end of the gusset open?

The trickiest part for me was working out how much to stretch / pull the elastic by when you sewing it on. Once the knicker elastic had been attached to the top, I cut the remainder in half to make sure I had enough for each side.

Stretching the elastic

Knicker elastic sewn in place

The last step was to sew up the side seams.

Side seams sewn

All finished!

Knickers finished

The beauty of making your own Knickers is that you can customize them to match your mood. Vintage them up or get a little bit naughty. With Valentine’s day on the horizon you could always stitch in a cheeky message for someone special to find!

Now for a matching bra!


21 thoughts on “Knicker Making Mayhem

  1. I found Flo-Jo Boutique by chance last year when I found myself in Bristol for the day and had the best time stocking up on ribbons, lace and fancy bias binding. I’ve since seen these knicker kits in quite a few places since, and I’m really tempted to get one and give it a go! Yours knickers look fantastic!

  2. I saw these kits on the Liberty’s website after I was wondering if I could afford anything after seeing their amazing Haberdashery department. I can not move my legs and so do not have a sewing machine. Do you think they would be okay hand stitched? I really wanted to give this a go but do not want knickers that fall apart lol 🙂

    • Hello Looby Lou. I have contacted Tracy at Trixie Lixie to find out her thoughts on making the knickers by hand. Because you need to pull the elastic and sew at the same time they aren’t recommended for hand sewing. However, I did notice some beautiful purse kits on their site which look like they could be stitched by hand.

  3. I’ve been thinking of making some knickers for a while now, seeing yours all made up has made my mind up, it is time to order a kit! I am interested to know why the gusset is only stitched at one end too :3

  4. So cute! Far too lovely to wear under your clothes – I think you should be like wonder women and wear them on the outside! Lol 😀✂️😀

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