How to Make a No Sew Tutu

For a quick and easy make try out this ‘no-sew’ tutu. It’s great for parties and dressing up for kids and adults alike.

For a small child you will need 2m of dress net, for a teen 4m and adult 6m.

For my 12 year olds tutu, I choose 4 x 1m lengths of different coloured dress net (each 140cm wide) in white, purple, cerise and cherry and used 3/4″ elastic for the waist band.

Step 1 – Cutting your net fabric

Take 1m of your dress net and fold in half lengthways, in half and then half again to give you a 8 layer strip. As the piece of net I was using was approx 140 cm wide my folded strip measured approx 1m long x 17cm wide. If your net is longer / shorter no problem, either make your strips longer / shorter or alter the number of folds in your net.

Take your strip and cut your folded net into 10cm sections.

Once you have cut all your 10cm sections, unfold each and cut in half across the width to give you 20 strips. So, if your original net fabric was 1m x 140cm, each sections should now measure approx 10cm x 70cm.

My growing pile of sections!

Repeat this process until all your net is cut.

Step 2 – Tying on your net fabric.

Take a section of your net and fold in half across its width. Lay your elastic on top of your net section. Place you hand through the folded end of your net and reach over your elastic to grab the two tail ends. Pull the two tail ends back through the loop to form a loose knot.

Continue in this way until all your sections are tied on to form a design you like.

When all your sections are tied on, place the elastic around the waist of your future tutu owner to gauge the required length. Tie the elastic into a secure knot and trim off the ends.

Spread your sections evenly around your elastic waist band and tighten by pulling the tails. If you find you have too much elastic showing, you can always add some more strips.

To finish your tutu trim the ends of your sections to give the required length and shape – I cut my white and cerise sections shorter as I wanted a 2 tier tutu and opted for some pointy ends.

Voila – enjoy!


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