Parrots and Paperwork!

Whenever I buy handmade, I always love to hear how it was constructed  – it adds an extra quality that makes my new treasure extra special.

To help remember the story behind each ‘stitch-sharing’ creation I’ve developed a little old filing system.

For this cute and colourful Parrot Bunting for my daughters Hawaiian Party…..

Parrot Bunting

……..the paperwork goes something like this.

An Expenditure card to record the ‘raw materials’ purchased.

Expenditure Card

Fabric cards giving further info about each material.

Bunting Material Cards

And then finally a Product card.

Product Card

Just trying my best to bring a little bit of fun and creativity to even the most dullest of jobs!

Expenditure Material and Product Cards

If you have any top tips for keeping your paperwork up to date I would love to hear about them!


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