Vintage Treasures

I’m a bit of a thrifty stitcher at heart and take great delight in finding lost treasures at car boot sales and charity shops to bring home and love. Here are some of my recent finds.

A fabulous oil painting and frame – can’t believe this was only £1, the colours are so stunning and it hangs in pride of place above my bed.
Rescuing Art

A 20 pence tea-tray. Perfect for that relaxing cup of tea. I’m guessing it’s from the 50s as you can see its fibre glass construction from the back.Vintage Tray (2)

Whilst we are on the floral theme, have you ever wondered how long it has taken someone to hand stitch a design onto a table-cloth or picture? Here’s a close up of one I found – isn’t the detail awesome!

Embrodiery PictureDetail

Another treasure is this BSR ‘Fidelity’ retro record player – it was great fun searching for the hits from my teenage years in vinyl so I could hear the tracks as I remembered them!

BSM Fidelity Record Player

In true stitch sharing style, a friend a work found Mary Thomas’s 1944 “Book of Knitting Patterns” at a church bazaar which she kindly gave to me.

Vintage Knitting Mary Thomas

The words in it are amazing and I think they are as relevant today as they were 70 years ago. Mary says “The best periods of Knitting have always occurred when yarns have been scarce or expensive, as the desire for better knowledge of work is stimulated in order that yarn need not be unduly wasted. Knitting puts things in order and inspires confidence.” Maybe our current revival in all things stitching has something to do with the financial recession….

As for my latest find? This awesome Vintage Singer – totally love her. I have taken her apart and cleaned her inner soul. She is perfectly threaded for her new adventures. She is yet to be named – any suggestions?

Cleaned machine ready to sew

So what’s your favorite thrifty find?

26 thoughts on “Vintage Treasures

    • Thank you so much for the nomination as I’ve now found your fab blog too! I will pass on the nomination as soon as I get the chance – hope that’s Ok. I have added your blog to my “About Me” page under the awards section so hoping lots more people find you too!

  1. Great finds! I have Singer sewing machine that I used when I was little and I think was my grandmother’s – I’ll have to check with my mum. I love my vintage crockery and cutlery and I have also found some really cool glasses. It’s all so tempting, running out of places to keep it all!

  2. Oh wow, I was thinking those finds were great and then BAM a Singer! Fantastic! My grandmother had one of those but it disappeared at some stage. I would love to find one.

  3. Your painting and embroidery finds are so beautiful. We are on a similar path at the moment it seems. I am collecting vintage embroideries because I appreciate the time and love that went into sewing them. I have bought two antique Singer sewing machines on ebay this week. Both Singer 66k Lotus flower from 1917 and 1927. Just love these old girls. They are works of art. Happy sewing.

    • That’s amazing, it feels so good giving someone’s hours of beautiful handiwork a home doesn’t it. I’ve just brought my second singer too! It doesn’t have a case this time, but I’m sure will be very special too. X

  4. £1 is definitely the best price to pay for anything at a boot fair. Am v jealous of your Singer, as I walked away from a beautiful old machine at a boot fair not long ago 😦 No real need/space for it sadly, but it haunted me for weeks later.

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