Butterflies for Breast Cancer @The Wool Bar

Crochet ButterfiesOne of my favorite yarn shops, The Wool Bar, is asking for peeps to make butterflies for Breast Cancer Care Support.

Such an amazing idea –  I couldn’t resist joining in!

Jane, who writes The Wool Bars “Hot off the Hook” blog, has even posted a fab crochet pattern on the web page to help.

The butterflies are great fun to make. It feels like a bit of an origami exercise as your butterfly first looks like this fabulous flower.

Crochet Flower Butterfly Shape

To which you add the your flower stamen (ie, butterflies antennae).

Crochet Flower Butterfly with antennae Before you fold your flower (butterfly) in half to form the butterfly shape.

Fold petals together to form crochet butterfly

The wings are slip stitched together along the outside edge.

Slip stitching on Lilac and Pink Crochet Butterfly

So beautiful  – I had to make a friend.

Crochet Butterfies

3 thoughts on “Butterflies for Breast Cancer @The Wool Bar

  1. Those are great! I must have a go – thank you for the clear photographs as I suspect the written instructions could be a bit puzzling the first time around.

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