Knitted Nudes and Views

As mentioned in my last post, my favourite thing about the Knitting and Stitching Show were the pieces of textile art that were on display.

Nicky Barfoot’s knitted nudes were amazing and raised many a smile.

Nicky Barfoot (2)

The texture and ‘warmth’ the yarn created in the picture was a total delight.

Nicky Barfoot

Amanda Puleston pixellated her photographs and turned them into wonderful vibrant works of art using oddiments of yarn and unwanted stock.

Amanda Puleston (4)

Again, up close the picture have such as tactile feel and you just wanted to run your fingers over those knitted stitches.

Amanda Puleston (5)

Here’s another one of her fabulous knitted photos – I would love this in my house. I’ll never see Intarsia in quite the same way again!Amanda Puleston

Linda Doran used some fabulous yarns to create amazing texture in her work.

Check out the bark and mushrooms in her woodland scene.

Linda Doran (2)

This piece took me to a place beneath the sea.
Linda Doran (4)

If quilting is more your things, the group winner at the Festival of Quilts 2013 was one not to be missed.

The quilt  called “Un Elemento, Dos Estaciones” was made by a group (DE12 A2) in Spain and uses hand applique, hand and machine quilting and hand printing to create a really clever  2 scene piece. Viewed from the front things can seem a little confusing….

Un eleminto Dos Estaciones (3)

…….but from the right a rocky maritime landscape with its majestic light house becomes clear…

Un eleminto Dos Estaciones

…………and from the left a restful snow-clad mountain retreat appears.

Un eleminto Dos Estaciones (2)

Clever stuff!

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