Guest blogging for Let’s Knit

Lets Knit October 14 editionA few months ago I received a lovely email from the folk at Let’s Knit magazine asking if they could feature my little blog in their October edition on their Bookshelf page.

Can you imagine my delight? I was so excited!

I couldn’t help myself – what a great opportunity to once more thank all you fabulous “Stitch Sharers” for your Moon Walk flowers.

Lets Knit October Bookshelf The Stitch Sharer If you missed the October edition (November’s has recently hit the shelves), you can still catch a glimpse of my 11th September “guest blog” spot on the Let’s Knit website.

lets knit blog post the stitch sharer

And the best news of all?

You have helped us raise over £1,600 for the fight against breast cancer. Thank you! x

Walk the Walk Certificate


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