Wool Winding

Would you like to see my new-found friend?

Yarn winder

It’s my favourite birthday gift – a wool  / yarn winder. She has managed to turn my half used floppy tangled heaps of yarn into these beautiful balls.Yarn messBall of beauty

Around and around goes the wibbly wobbly spindle, reminding me of an old-fashioned picture drum that makes a moving film clip from still images. In next to no time a magical ball appears.

What I love the most is the criss-cross pattern the winder creates.

criss cross

Yarn winding is great fun – so much so that I have now wound my own set of yarn pegs as posted by Lucy over at Attic 24.

Yarn Pegs

A whole new level of colour therapy.

Tower of yarn



5 thoughts on “Wool Winding

  1. So sad how much fun and cheerfulness we can have just from looking at the gorgeous colours/textures of wool without even having made something…lol! So many possibilities, so little time (or is this just me..?)
    Ps I think I need a ball winder, or should that be I WANT a ball winder?

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