The Making of a Trilby Hat – Isabella Josie

If you would like to see how I made this felt trilby hat, click on the image  – it should take you through to my millinery site. 🙂

Several people have been asking me how a handmade hat is created – so I’ve created a short video to show. Hope you enjoy!


via The Making of a Trilby Hat — Isabella Josie


6 thoughts on “The Making of a Trilby Hat – Isabella Josie

  1. Thanks Bella, very very thorough video. I have been into sewing and crocheting since last one year. So far i have made small items for my family and for the charity. Would definately to create one for my son, he is crazy for leopard print so, will look for that fabric, do you have any idea where i can buy that online? Thank you so much Bella for this tutoral, i have subscribed to your youtube channel too. Great going.

    • Thank you for the lovely feedback, the leopard print is a wool welt which comes as fur felt hood. Parkins fabrics is an online company which sells some amazing millinery materials.

  2. Dear Madame Josie,

    I apologise for hijacking the comments to the post in this way, but I could find no other way to reach you. I am writing to ask whether you would be willing to grant permission for use of two of the images from Your blog (one of Your crochets and Your photo of the Alexandra Pallace window) in a scientific publication.

    I represent a team of computer science researchers from Adobe and the Czech Technical University in Prague, where we have been working on ways to teach computers to detect that images have symmetric objects in them. The two mentioned images would make nice illustrative examples, because they are both aesthetically pleasing and understandable, while being representative of pictures one might find in the real world.

    Please feel free to reach out to me by replying to this comment, by e-mail, or by any other way you find convenient.

    I promise there is nothing untoward about this; it’s just that since the article describing our research is to be published in a scientific journal, we need to have all the appropriate copyright permissions squared away.

    Kind regards,
    Michal Lukáč

    • Thanks Marion, I think it’s really important that we get the chance to show the traditional techniques and skills we use in our millinery work, thought the trilby clip would work well. 🙂

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