Back to Basics: Casting Off

Congratulations! You are almost there – you just need to work or ‘cast off’ your stitches from the needle and you’ll be finished!

1. Work (knit or purl) two stitches onto your right hand needle.

2. Slide the tip of your left hand needle (from left to right) through the first stitch you have just made and lift it over the second stitch and off the needle.

3. Work another stitch (again knit or purl depending on your pattern) onto the right hand needle and repeat step 2. Continue in this way until only one stitch is left on your left  hand needle.

4. Break off your yarn, about 20cm from the last stitch, and remove your needle. Pass the end of the yarn through the last stitch and pull it gently to close the loop.

Voila – your casting off is finished!

6 thoughts on “Back to Basics: Casting Off

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