Jammy Dodger Crochet Pattern – Tried and Tested

Ready for tea 2I’ve recently discovered a fabulous crochet pattern for Jammy Dodgers on According to Matt’s Crochet and Craft blog. With my knitted ‘no-calorie cupcake looking a bit lonely, I just had to crochet it some tasty friends!

Matt’s pattern is written in US terminology so if you are a UK crochet the info taken from my crochet stitch summary chart might help. Continue reading

Meet Serge! A Beginners Guide To Using an Overlocker / Serger

This is Serge, my forgotten friend, who has been hiding in the back of my cupboard for the last 2 years…..

My Lock 744D

In a bid to make my craft fair “lovelies” as efficiently as possible, I thought it was about time I got to know Serge a little better and find out just what he could do!

Incase you are keen to get acquainted with your own overlocker / serger, I have written a quick post on all Serge’s main dials and knobs to help.

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Free, Quick and Easy Knitted Head Warmer Pattern – Ideal for Beginners!

Knitted Head warmerAs promised – here is a super quick and easy knitted head warmer pattern. Like my recent crochet headband pattern I’m using Patons Fab Big Super Chunky Yarn  – when knitted on 10mm needles a 8 stitch width row gives you a 10cm wide piece of fabric.

Cast on 35 stitches. Continue reading

Parrots and Paperwork!

Whenever I buy handmade, I always love to hear how it was constructed  – it adds an extra quality that makes my new treasure extra special.

To help remember the story behind each ‘stitch-sharing’ creation I’ve developed a little old filing system.

For this cute and colourful Parrot Bunting for my daughters Hawaiian Party…..

Parrot Bunting

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Easy Peasy Crochet Head Band – Free Pattern for Beginners!

20130203_195749I have had a ball of Patons Fab Big super chunky yarn in my basket for quite a few weeks so have made up a quick and easy pattern for a crochet headband which you can make in next to no time. If you prefer knitting – a speedy pattern for a head warmer is coming soon!

I’m using a 12mm crochet for the headband so if your yarn is not so chunky or your hook is smaller (a row of 7 stitches is approx 10cm wide) just work additional stitches to make your headband fit! Continue reading