Flower Power for The MoonWalk London 2014


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Happy Oiling Day! (for my Featherweight 222K)

Today is Oiling Day!

If you are a reader of my blog you will of come to realise that my posts are like diary entries. A place where I can write a few words to remind myself of what I’ve been up to.

When it comes to oiling my vintage machines I like to oil / lubricate one section at a time so I don’t miss any sneaky holes or pivot points.

Firstly I remove the front face plate –  there are 11 oiling points here as indicated by the green lines.
oil points inside front plate

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The Singer Featherweight 222K – Simply a Sewing Sensation

Featherweight 222K

Here is my beautiful (newly acquired!) 222K Featherweight. Featherweights (221, 222K’s) are often described as the “perfect portable” sewing machine due to their light weight aluminium build. Continue reading