How to use an Overlocker / Serger Gathering Attachment.

When I brought Serge, I was luck enough to be given a free set of attachments.

One of these was for gathering.

Gathering Attachment

If you have a similar attachment but not quite sure how to use it, this step by step guide might just help!

Step 1: Set your overlocker to its ‘normal’ serging settings.

Normal overlock setting

Step 2: Place the right side of your fabrics together. The fabric you want to ruffle goes on the bottom, the one you want to keep flat goes on top. Sew a few stitches to catch the edge of your fabric.

Gathering - catching the end

Step 3: Change you settings to create a gather. As I’m after lots of fabulous ruffles I have set my differential feed to 2, increased my stitch length to 4.5 and needle tensions to 7.

Increasing gather - bigger stitch length

Increasing Gather - tighten needle thread tensions

The important thing is to have fun playing with your settings. Try out different combinations until you get the amount of ruffle you are after!

Step 4: Swing the arm of your gathering attachment in between your fabric layers – you will need to raise your foot to do this.

Gathering with gathering arm in place

Step 5: Start stitching! The top fabric should stay flat and the bottom will gather.

Gathering - top flat, bottom gathers

Voila – One fabulous ruffle!

Gathered fabric

7 thoughts on “How to use an Overlocker / Serger Gathering Attachment.

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  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog & becoming a follower! I’ve felt pretty overwhelmed getting my blog up and going along with my etsy shop. I’m learning both from scratch. I love how your webposts are set up. Can you tell me how that was setup? Again thanks for everything. I’m going to go looking around your blog!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment. I use the free twenty twelve header which came with WordPress. Hope this helps. I am trying to build up enough stock for a craft fair and keep my blog going whilst being a full time working mum so completely understand about the overwhelmed bit. I’m sure you will find the right balance and all with be fab. I’ll pop over to your shop too. X

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