Entrelac Knitting Revival

A few months ago, I found a half-finished jumper in my local charity shop along with its pattern, needles and a couple more balls of wool. With the back and front almost complete I hadn’t the heart to unravel someone’s hours of time and effort simply to re-use the yarn – the job had to be finished!
Shirley in Sirdar

Totally 80’s retro cool!

The pattern is referred to as Entrelac knitting and looks really effective.Entrelac Knitting

The textured diamond pattern, which looks like basket-woven strips, is created by knitting small interlocking squares in different directions.

Slanting right

During one section of the pattern you knit / purl the blocks to the right and the following section to the left.

Slanting left

After you have knitted each 8 stitch block, you then pick up 8 more stitches along the side of the rectangle from the previous block as a basis for your next set and to join the slanting sections together.

Picking up stitches along one side of block

Although I’m only using one type of yarn (Nova Double Knitting by Sirdar) because it is variegated in long repeats, each square appears to be made up of one colour. Clever stuff!

Varigated Yarn

If you fancy trying something new, I would definitely encourage you to have a go at Entrelac. Although you need to concentrate to start off with as there is a lot of turning , if you can knit and purl you will be fine – it’s just lots of short rows and frequent work rotation!

So what are you working on? I would love to hear – drop me a message in the comment box.

And if anyone knows who started this jumper – please tell them it is a real honour to take on the challenge of finishing it. The jumper is already treasured as its taught me about Entrelac and my daughter (a great lover of  vintage) can’t wait to wear it!

26 thoughts on “Entrelac Knitting Revival

  1. I have done this sweater when it first came out and loved so much I wore it out. I have just bought JC Brett Marble to knit it again. Wish me luck! Note that it stretches so knit to your size. Happy knitting. X

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  3. I have a jacket knitted by my grandmother in the 1980’s. The sleeves are worked in Entrelac and are huge! I love it thought because of the diamonds and it still smells of my grandmother’s perfume. This one in long variegated yarn is pretty. 🙂

  4. Well the 80’s are back in fashion this Autumn so your lovely top will fit right in! With regards the former owner not finishing the jumper that is quite understandable. Entrelac needs quite a bit of concentration initially so its not for everyone – it was probably cast aside to do later and stayed in the WIP pile…..

  5. Do you not find finishing off an unknown person’s jumper a bit spooky? I would be constantly thinking about the reasons why it was unfinished. It was incredibly thoughtful for the person who donated it to also donate the wool to complete the project too.

    • Someone else said that to me too. I often wonder about their life story and what happened to them, I just couldn’t bear to waste someone else’s hard work and not finish it for them. X

      • Well. It will be when it’s finished! I knitted three rows, ripped back as it was too wide, now back to row three but have been side tracked by Christmas stuff.
        It’s rare I start and finish something for myself in less than a year….

  6. Even though I don’t knit anymore, I have done Entrelac knitting before and I love the effect, I keep trying to replicate it in crochet, but it’s just not the same! Feeling all nostalgic now!

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