The Quilting Quandary

I just wanted to write a quick post to say a massive thank you for all your feedback so far on whether to keep the braids or make them into squares.

So far, 8 lovely readers have said “keep the braids”, 7 (4 blog readers and 3 others) have said “go for squares!”

I have also had some great suggestions about trying out different border thicknesses or changing the border to red or grey (advice I’ll definitely take when it comes to framing the central piece).

Still undecided, I have spent the last few hours playing with a few more ideas… do you want to see?

Option 1: Go for the squares.


Option 2: Cut each braid into 3.

Each braid into 3

Option 3: Keep the braids.

White strips joined seperating braids

Option 4: Run an extra braid across the centre – I was originally going to cut this up to try out the square idea.

braid across the middle

Is there a clear winner for you?

Maybe I just need to make 4 quilts!


18 thoughts on “The Quilting Quandary

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  2. I’m partial to Option 5. That would be the four-quilt option. They’re all very nice, too hard to choose. But if I *had* to pick from 1 – 4, I’d go for #1, with smaller white areas.

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