The Quilting Quandary

I just wanted to write a quick post to say a massive thank you for all your feedback so far on whether to keep the braids or make them into squares.

So far, 8 lovely readers have said “keep the braids”, 7 (4 blog readers and 3 others) have said “go for squares!”

I have also had some great suggestions about trying out different border thicknesses or changing the border to red or grey (advice I’ll definitely take when it comes to framing the central piece).

Still undecided, I have spent the last few hours playing with a few more ideas… do you want to see?

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Mod Century Jelly Roll Friendship Braid Quilt – Help needed!

I am currently making a Jelly Roll Quilt and need your help! I can’t decide if I should leave my friendship braids in their lengths or chop them up into squares.

The quilt is based on The Friendship Braid from Pam and Nicky Lintott’s “Jelly Roll Quilt” book. The Jelly Roll is called “Mod Century” and consists of these fabulous 50s and 60s style fabrics which have been designed by Jenn Ski.

Retro Jelly Roll

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