Taking Better Craft Blog Photos

Father Christmas was very kind to me this year – in a very loooooong stocking I found some…

Mini studio lights (for better pictures in the long winter nights) and a tripod (for those close up crochet shots)!
Photo lampRed Snapper Tripod with Ball head

I’ve finally managed to find some time this weekend to do some reading on how to take a better photo and have come across some wonderful sites which I wanted to share.

Darcy’s Life with my 3 boy Barians has a great “31 days to a better photo” series which has quickly become my “photo bible”.

Darcy uses an analogy that really helps to understand how to get the perfect photo – it goes something like this.

Imagine a bowl…any bowl…

Achieving a perfect photo is like filling up that bowl with water (light) right to its brim without spilling any over the top.

Pefect light

Too little light (water) there’s not enough to record the image properly and the picture is too dark or underexposed.

Too much light (water) and it “spills”, the photo is spoilt  – its over exposed and too bright.

Too much water, too much light, overexposed

How you get the right amount of light into the photo (just like getting the water into that bowl from a tap) depends on various factors such as how long your camera’s shutter is open for (amount of time the tap is turned on), the size of aperture (the tap spout’s diameter) and the camera’s ISO / sensitivity to light (the speed of water flow).

Any why am I do excited about the photo equipment?

For makes like these Attic 24 daffodils I normally need to wait until there’s good daylight to photo…


But now….


Other great posts to check out if you want to find out more on “how to take a better photo” are below. If you know of any more I would love to know – please send me your comments!

The Pioneer Woman

Centsational Girl


Kevin and Amanda

So far, all the info I have read has one clear message – read your photo manual!

Can you guess what I’m off to do next?

Camera Guide

24 thoughts on “Taking Better Craft Blog Photos

  1. Thanks for this post, it’s very timely. I bought a new camera yesterday and unburied an old tripod my husband used years ago. Lights may be next. Your daffodils look fabulous in the better light.

  2. Ooh what fantastic lights! I am building up my camera collection to help me start taking better photos. I recently purchased a light tent from eBay (which was cheap and is AMAZING!) and I have just ordered a ring flash (which I think I missed in today’s post 😦 ) I have some books to read through though, I want to get the most out of my DSLR and stop relying on the auto setting!

    • Completely know that feeling! My camera is a bridge one (would love to progress to a DSLR one day!), I’m determined to master the aperture setting so I can create some of those gorgeous pictures with a focused front section and blurred background. X

  3. Hi – interesting Post thank you. I’m v impressed by the daffodil after-shot! I’m always disappointed with my images on my blog as they never look so good on the screen. I used to be an avid photographer but have lost interest and just want to point and shoot with a camera photo. I’ve booked myself onto a Photo workshop at Unravel run by Louise Walker, Photographer and Knitter. It’s for those with blogs who want to improve their textile photos. Her blog is worth a peek. http://sincerelylouise.blogspot.co.uk/ Cheers

  4. That light is brilliant! Compact and on a tripod. I have to have a look for some. I’m always unplugging and moving lamps to try to get more light to take pictures. Although I did get a tripod for my camera last week from a thrift shop for $10!!

      • Yes, and it is a fun toy! It extends to a good 6 foot height and holds the camera perfectly. Here’s the issue with self photos though is trying to get a good composition and/or not cutting off my head, feet, etc. My lcd screen does not swing out to face the other way on my camera, it is a simple point and shoot, so I have to look at it first, try to ‘imagine’ myself in the shot, then set the timer and hope for the best. LOL.

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