Beginners Bunny Bunting – ideal for hand or machine sewing

Bunnies for BuntingBunny Bunting is a great sewing project for beginners.You can use different hand stitches to decorate your bunny, or learn how to control a sewing machine as you follow the bunny contours.

Are you ready to get Bunny Bunting busy? Firstly, make yourself a Bunny Bunting template – the internet is a great place to look for bunny shapes. The bigger the ears the better!

Pop your template onto some fabric and draw around the edge.
Draw around bunny template

Remove the template and sketch out your bunnies face.

Draw on bunny details

Use embroidery thread or thin yarn to stitch in your bunnies features.

Stitch Bunny face

Lay your top fabric onto a backing fabric – this will hide any messy stitches! If you would like your bunny to have a bit of bounce place some wadding between your fabric layers. This is a great way to use up  quilting off-cuts!

The backing fabric is right side down, wadding in the middle and top fabric right side up.

Layer fabrics

Pin your two or three layers together and sew around the bunny outline in a running stitch with yarn or thread.

Stitch 3 layers together through 3 layers

Cut out your bunny shape with scissors – pinking shears give a really cute fur effect and help stop the fabric from fraying.

Cut out Bunny

Now make a pom-pom for your bunnies tail.

I find the quickest way of doing this is by winding some yarn around your index and middle fingers.

Make pompom by winding yarn around fingers

Next slide the wound yarn off your fingers and cut a piece to go around the middle.

Take loop off and tie across centre

Tie the yarn in a knot. I just love the scrunched / bunched look you get!

Centre tied

Lastly cut each of your side loops to see your pom-pom appear!

Cut loops

Once your pom-pom is made, sew it onto your bunnies back for a fluffy tail.

stitch pom pom in place for tail

I love this pattern as its great for children and adults alike. You can add florist’s flower stamen for whiskers, buttons or beads for eyes.

Florist stamens for whiskers

Use a back-stitch or blanket stitch to vary the edging…

….and sew as much detail as you want onto your Bunny body.


You could either make lots of bunnies to hang together for some Spring / Easter bunny bunting or add a loop to each for an Easter Tree decoration.

Basic Bunnies


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