The Stitch Sharer’s Guide to Mending – How to Make an Applique Patch

Have you ever burnt a hole in your favourite skirt?

hole from iron

Why not make an applique patch / fabric plaster to cover it up?

First – find some coordinating fabric with a motif that is big enough to cover the hole.  Flower Fabrics work brilliantly for this.


Roughly cut around the motif. Cut out a similar size square of fusible (iron-on) interfacing.

Cut a patch

Iron the fusible interfacing to bond it to the back of the fabric – check out the interfacing instructions for correct iron settings.

Iron bonderweb

Cut the motif out accurately.

cut out motif

Peel the backing paper off of the fusible interfacing.

Peel off backing paper

Pop the motif (right side up) over the front of hole and use an iron to fix the patch into place. Make sure you use a some scrap fabric / ironing cloth on top of the patch / garment as you don’t want to make any more holes!

Iron on motif use cloth to protect

Once the patch has cooled down, run a zig-zag stitch around the edge of your motif. I’ve used a short stitch length (0.7) to create this zig-zag stitch.

ZigZag settings

The pretty zig zag will neaten the edges and make sure the motif stays in place when it’s been through the wash a few times.


All finished! One skirt ready to wear with its fabric applique patch!

Mended skirt


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