It’s been a while….

It’s been nearly a year since my last post – I hope you have kept well and had lots of happy adventures in this time. My life (on the crafting front) has become overtaken by hats and I’ve immersed myself in all things millinery to learn as much as I can.

Over the winter it was all about felt cloches and 1970’s style floppy hats with their shallow crowns.

Red Wool Felt Cloche with Black Trim Isabella JoiseGrey wool felt cloche with side sweep Isabella JosieCamel wool felt 70's style floppy hat Isabella Josie12919586_1206147316069739_218316324_o-3

This last few months, sinamay (a straw based fabric) has come into it’s own as I’ve used it to create bespoke headpieces for a ‘Mother of the Bride’, a Hatinators for the races at Glorious Goodwood and a bowler style hat – just for fun!

Mother of the Bride

Sinamay Gold and Ivory Hatinator Isabella Josie

Bowler Sinamay Hat Isabella Josie

Yes – that is a Fig Tree the hat is hanging in! I was trying to take some creative photos in the garden and I threw some hats up into my tree for the branches to catch – only problem  was getting them down again!

I’ve also had a play with freeform work (where you make the hat by hand shaping the headpiece rather than using hat blocks to create the shape)…..Parisisal Straw Isabella Josie Freeform felt cloche Isabella Josie

…..along with some silk button shaped Perchers  – perfect for parties and weddings.

Blue and Cerise Shot Silk Percher Isabella JosieIvory Silk Percher with veiling Isabella Josie

Isabella Josie Website Look Book

I guess one of the biggest steps of all has been summoning up the courage  to start up my own (very small) millinery business . So far I have just been selling my handcrafted creations to UK based clients via personal recommendations.

Although I haven’t got as far as an online shop, I have set up a blog based website as a bit of a ‘look-book’ to keep a record of the headpieces I have made to date.

If you would like to have a look, at my work, please like my Facebook Page or pop over to

For all of you who prefer yarn to hats, I’ve almost finished knitting my first ever pair of socks – the post will follow soon!






9 thoughts on “It’s been a while….

  1. Hello again! Ut has been awhile. Your hats are beautiful and, if you are serious about selling online, Etsy is the crafter’s site for such handiwork. I am not sure if Duropeans are familiar with this site, but, Canadians and Americans are. I hope this helps.

      • Hi , I have the pattern in my head , I have knit so many. I knit socks from the toe up starting with 8 stitches increasing to 60 or 64 sts and then turning the heel with partial rows. The reason I prefer toe up stocks is that I can easily increase the size of the leg part. look on line for toe up sock patterns for free. also has a free sock knitting course.

      • Thanks for the info, really helpful. I’ll have a look at the free course, sounds fab. The pair I’m making are cuff down (60 stitches) , so would great to do another pair the other way round too. Xxxx

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