Back to Basics: The Knit Stitch

The first thing you are going to need is some “cast on” stitches – if you would like some help with this take a look at my “Back to Basics: Casting On” post. Here’s a quick reminder of my knitting rhyme too.

My Knitting Rhyme

When you first start knitting, I think it’s best to keep to a small number of stitches. As you will see in my pic below I’ve gone for 10. Okay, are you ready for your first full row of knitting?

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Back to Basics: Casting On

For those of you who have never quite got round to learning to knit, or if you just fancy a quick reminder this post is for you!

The first thing you are going to need is some wool / yarn and a pair of needles – the size of which depends on the weight (thickness) of your yarn. Continue reading

Back to Basics: The Slip Knot

Whether it be knitting or crochet you need to start with a slip knot to get the yarn onto your needle. To create one of these …..

1. Cross the yarn coming from the ball over the yarn end (tail) to form a circle. Continue reading