My Mandala Flower Crochet Rainbow Clock

Crochet Mandala Flower Rainbow ClockDo you have a “must make list”? A crochet clock has been on mine for ages!

With a crochet hook in my holiday hold-all, a clock mechanism sourced from a local charity shop and Barbara’s of Made in K town amazing Mandala flower pattern (found via Lucy’s recent Attic 24 post) the time was right!

Do you want to see my Mandala Flower Crochet Clock in the making?

Mandala Crochet Clock Round 1Mandala Crochet Clock Round 2Mandala Crochet Clock Round 3Mandala Crochet Clock Round 4Mandala Flower Crochet Clock round 5Mandala Flower Crochet Clock round 6aMandala Flower Crochet Clock working round 6bMandala Flower Crochet Clock round 6a+b Mandala Flower Crochet Clock round 7

If you are following Barbara’s instructions the last photo is of Round 7. At this point my Mandala flower clock face’s diameter was 7cm, however as I needed it to be 16cm radius I repeated some of the rounds above.

Mandala Flower Crochet Clock round 8Mandala Flower Crochet Clock round 9Mandala Flower Crochet Clock round 10

And after a few more rounds…

Mandala Flower Crochet Clock round 19

It was time to add the flower border!

Mandala Flower Crochet Clock round 20 flower edging

Clock hands and buttons!

Crochet Mandala Flower Rainbow Clock

Thanks Barbara! Thanks Lucy! I love it!


14 thoughts on “My Mandala Flower Crochet Rainbow Clock

  1. This is such a pretty and fun design! I’m following Barbara’s pattern up to round 7, but after that I can’t get the increases right and my clock’s curling up and turning into a hat :-/ Is there any chance that you could share your pattern?

    • I didn’t write down a pattern for mine, I sort of went with the flow with the aim of keeping the circle flat. If started to bend upwards like a bowl or down like a hat I added a few extra stitches on the next round to flatten it. If the edges became wavy then i decreased by a few stitches on the next round… Hope that helps.

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