Celebrate St David’s Day by Making a Paper Double-Daffodil

Happy St David’s Day!Paper double daffodil the stitch sharer

How about celebrating St David’s Day (1st March) by making yourself a tissue paper double-daffodil? Incase you’re wondering a double-daffodil has extra petals so it looks rather like a carnation.

The instructions in my last post for paper peony flowers are easy to adapt – remember to check them out first to understand the basic concept of how to make a tissue paper flower.

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‘Twas a Crafty Christmas

Can you believe it’s already the 11th January? Somehow all the festive fun has finished and we are back to our normal routines of life. I’m trying hard to keep hold of some of the excitement that surrounds such a big event and wanted to share with you some of my families creations that made me truly happy.

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Corn Dolly Crafting

Have you ever made a Corn Dolly?Corn Dolly Fairy

Over the last month I’ve fallen in love with this festive craft. Weaving and plaiting with such a natural product just feels so “right”.

Corn dollies (harvest trophies, maids or necks) originate from Pagan times when it was believed that a good harvest was dependent on the “spirit of the corn”. To keep the spirit safe over winter the last sheaves of corn (e.g. wheat, oats, rye, barley) were made into decorative shapes and taken into the home until they could be ploughed back into the fields the following spring.

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