Top Tips for Understanding Crochet Charts

Finished one skein wonder fan centred scarfMy sister-in-law is an amazing crocheter. She is able to glance at a chart, instinctively know what all the symbols mean, and then pick up her hook and create a corresponding crochet masterpiece. She has long encouraged me to learn how to read a crochet chart and at last I have done it!

It has opened up a whole new world for me where language no longer matters.

Here is my first crochet chart make.

The design is based on the Fan Centred Scarf in Judith Durant and Edie Eckman’s Crochet One-Skein Wonder book.

Can you see those beautiful fan shapes at its centre?

Rolled Fan Centred Scarf If you haven’t used a chart before – just have a go! There are so many reasons why: Continue reading