Jammy Dodger Crochet Pattern – Tried and Tested

Ready for tea 2I’ve recently discovered a fabulous crochet pattern for Jammy Dodgers on According to Matt’s Crochet and Craft blog. With my knitted ‘no-calorie cupcake looking a bit lonely, I just had to crochet it some tasty friends!

Matt’s pattern is written in US terminology so if you are a UK crochet the info taken from my crochet stitch summary chart might help.

US half double crochet = UK half treble (Yarn around hook, insert hook through stitch, yarn around hook, draw the loop back through the stitch – you should have 3 loops on your hook, yarn around hook, pull the loop through all 3 loops on your hook.)

US single crochet = UK double crochet (Insert hook through stitch, yarn around hook, draw loop through the stitch to give you 2 loops on your hook,  yarn around hook, draw through both loops on the hook.)

Matt’s instructions are really easy to follow and the Jammy Dodger looks great.  Pop over to his website to check out the pattern.

Just incase you need some more encouragement to have a go, he’s a photo guide of my crochet biscuit make.

The first step was to make the Jammy filling……

Jammy Centre

…. then start the biscuit base:

Biscuit Base 1

…after a few rounds, it was time to crochet the biscuit base and jammy filling together…

Joining Biscuit Base to Jammy Centre

… then carry on crocheting with your biscuit colour to extend the base.

Front of Biscuit Base with Jammy Centre

Add a little old rim for the biscuit top to sit inside.

Adding Crochet Edge to Base

The biscuit top comes next…….

Biscuit Top

and once your biscuit pieces are joined together…

Joining Top and Base of Jammy Dodger

..the last step is to shape your biscuit middle into a heart shape.

Front of finished Jammy Dodgers

If you would like a knitted cupcake to accompany those gorgeous biscuits, check out my knitted cupcake post.

Ready for tea 2


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